Welcome to Kentfield

A lavish residential haven nestled into the base of Mount Tamalpais


Founded during the Gold Rush era in the center of Marin County, Kentfield was named after one of its early settlers, congressman and philanthropist William Kent. Widely considered one of San Francisco’s most desirable suburbs, Kentfield offers its residents the economic opportunities of the city paired with the breathtaking beauty of Mount Tamalpais and the San Francisco Bay. Striking a unique balance between rustic and modern, the area’s architecture is known to exist in aesthetic harmony with the lush foliage of the region’s characteristic redwood, pine, and manzanita trees. Just a 30-minute drive or 40-minute ferry ride from San Francisco, Kentfield is an ideal place for nature lovers to settle down.


Because Kentfield is unincorporated, the town has retained enough independence to faithfully implement the desires of its residents. Generally speaking, said desires are centered around a common set of values: relaxation, convenience, and outdoor immersion. Families, retirees, and young professionals alike flock to Kentfield to enjoy the endless amenities associated with the nearby Baltimore Canyon Preserve, Phoenix Lake, Mount Tamalpais State Park, and more. Whether it is a long hike under the cool shade of the redwood trees or an exhilarating bike ride through the slopes of Mount Tamalpais, Kentfield is replete with opportunities for the whole family to stay active. 


Locals often enjoy the pleasures of Sunday brunch at Half Day Cafe, a cozy eatery in an original 1930s garage. Offering a delicious, from-scratch menu catering to a diverse array of dietary preferences, Half Day Cafe is sure to satisfy. Those seeking a swanky dining experience are sure to enjoy the lavish cocktails and locally sourced dishes served at Guesthouse. With a seasonal menu designed to highlight the delicious flavors of Northern California, Guesthouse is the perfect haven for anyone craving a healthy dose of West Coast charm.


Residents indulge in the abundant retail amenities available at the Bon Air Center, a classy shopping mall just a stone’s throw away from Kentfield. Not only does Bon Air host countless boutiques, salons, and restaurants, it also offers recurring community-oriented events. Whether you’re interested in getting a massage, buying a new dress, or attending the annual tomato market, Bon Air has you covered. Regarding grocery shopping needs, Woodland Market is a family-owned and locally sourced grocery store serving the Kentfield community since 1986. 


In addition to its resplendent views and abundant amenities, Kentfield is also highly desirable by virtue of its nationally renowned school district. Bacich Elementary boasts an excellent teacher-to-student ratio, with one teacher for every twelve students. With an API of 890, it should come as no surprise that Kent Middle School has earned a slot in the top ten percent of California schools.


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